Don Juan by Faction of Fools a success



I had the chance to attend another Factions of Fools production, titled Don Juan, directed by Matthew Wilson, at Gallaudet University, when there were two American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters present.  The performers were: Sun King Davis, who played the main character, Don Juan; Bess Kaye, Charlie Retzlaff, Matthew Taylor Strote, and Hannah Sweet who all played various characters in several different scenes.

I also brought deaf children, ages 6 and 11, and they had a great time since the performers were also very physical and funny.  At times, the performers used hands to communicate, so the kids loved it.  Although none of the performers were deaf, the deaf audience enjoyed their performance very much, and do did I.

In fact, Michael Sprouse, who works at the theater arts at Gallaudet, mentioned that there will be workshops in November that teaches actors how to do Commedia.  Also, in December this production will be showing its Commedia Christmas Carol, which is supposed to be more physical, according to Sprouse, who will be playing Tiny Tim.  Also, three other talented actors from Gallaudet theatre arts will be involved in this play.  For more information about show dates, visit here:


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